Harness the juice of the tsunami and use it to your competitive advantage.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical role technology adoption plays in the survival of businesses. Companies that adopted new technologies to adapt their operations survived. Those that didn’t quickly perished.

Technological innovation has developed at an ever-accelerating pace, a compounding momentum swiftly forming a tsunami. Soon the massive wave is going to crash, sweeping away those unprepared to respond to rapid change.

To survive, business owners and managers need to know how to properly adopt technology quickly and effectively. Harness the Juice is your guide to understanding your organization’s current barriers to technology adoption. Learn how to shift your mindset to adapt with the new developments, utilize technology for new avenues of growth, and implement an internal culture of innovation that benefits your organization’s people and processes.

Get ahead of the wave and learn to harness the power of the upcoming technological landscape.

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"This book serves as an exceptional guide and framework for anyone tasked with driving foundational change through the digital transformation. It’s a must-read."

— The Motley Fool

About the author

Aaron Alfini has been adopting technology since the second grade, when he learned to program. He doesn’t see himself as a technologist but a creative with technology as his canvas.

Aaron has worked for startups and Fortune 100 companies alike. He’s worked on some of the largest cloud migrations in the world, with clients including AWS, Equifax, Getty Images, Discovery Communications, Met Office, the London Underground, Mattel, and US Bank.

A lifelong learner, Aaron has a bachelor's in business administration, a master's in cybersecurity, an executive certificate in strategy and innovation from MIT, and a certificate in executive leadership from Cornell.